Instructions for authors

Please use one of the following templates for your abstract:

LaTeX Template
Word Template

Abstracts should not exceed 2 A4 pages. The abstract must contain enough information for the reviewers to judge the quality of the work.

When submitting your abstract to, please provide the topic ID that pertains to your work in the email subject using the codes listed under Workshop topics. The filename should be "CP2019Abstract_Topic_Name" or "CP2019Abstract_Topic_Name_Student" for student awards applicants (e.g., CP2019Abstract_Dosimetry_JohnSmith.doc, or CP2019Abstract_Regulation_JohnSmith_Student.pdf).

Also, please indicate the preferred mode of presentation in your email using one of the following three options: "Oral only", "Poster only", or "Oral or poster (default)". Please note the following rules: At least one of the listed author must register for attending the conference. Each attendee can only present one paper. The abstracts will be reviewed by the workshop chairs, and the authors will receive a personal email to inform about acceptance or rejection of their submission.

Important dates:

Abstract submission: closed

Abstract submission deadline: 01 March 2019

Acceptance notification: 15 April 2019